Property Insurance

Property Insurance is the protection from any kind of moveable or immovable property which sould have pecuniary value . such as – Building Plant Machinery,Shops ,Stocks,Factory,Furniture & Fixture,Household etc.

Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance covers damage of the vehicle as well as Third Party Liability under comprehensive Motor Vehicle Policy.

Marine Insurance

Marine Transit Insurance policy provides coverage of Imports & Exports trade.

Travel Medical insurance

Overseas Travel Medical Insurance policy covers medical emergency, accidents and personal liability.

Engineering Insurance

Engineering Insurance covers all type of engineering projects such as, construction of buildings, dams, hydropower projects, all types of plat and machinery.


Household Insurance policy provides the comprehensive coverage against Fire, Burglary, Riot, Flood, Storm and Earthquake & Personal Accident of the property owner.

Personal Accident

Personal Accident Insurance covers financial loss which may arise with a result of accident caused by external violent and visible means causing death or disablement by bodily injury.

Burglary & House Breaking

Burglary Insurance covers the contents of premises against loss or damage by Burglary and Housebreaking.


This Insurance covers loss of money carried by authorized messengers whilst in transit from one place to another, due to robbery loss caused by accident of vehicle or plane.

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