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  • Registered with Company Registrar’s Office on 26th November 2007
  • Received Certificate of Beema Samiti on 7th February 2018

GIC Nepal has been promoted by Commercial Banks, Development Banks, Finance Company’s, Industrial Sector, Business Entrepreneur and well-reputed Independents of the Nation along with the various individuals representing the diverse fields like banking, Insurance, trading, manufacturing, tourism, etc

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Property Insurance

Property Insurance

Property Insurance is the protection from any kind of moveable or immovable property which sould have pecuniary value . such as – Building Plant Machinery,Shops ,Stocks,Factory,Furniture & Fixture,Household etc.

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Property Insurance

Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance covers damage of the vehicle as well as Third Party Liability under comprehensive Motor Vehicle Policy.

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Property Insurance

Marine Insurance

Marine Transit Insurance policy provides coverage of Imports & Exports trade.

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Property Insurance

Travel Medical insurance

Overseas Travel Medical Insurance policy covers medical emergency, accidents and personal liability.

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Property Insurance

Engineering Insurance

Engineering Insurance covers all type of engineering projects such as, construction of buildings, dams, hydropower projects, all types of plat and machinery.

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Popular Questions

  • What is Insurance?

    Insurance is a contract between two parties’ insurer and insured in which one party (the insurer, in return of certain and agreed amount of money called the premium), assure the other party (the insured) to make the financial loss. The insured may suffer as a result of occurrence of the specified, insured and unforeseen events (perils) that take place within the period described in the contract.

  • How many types of insurance are there in the market?

    There are two types of insurance in the market, namely Life Insurance and Non-Life or General Insurance. Life Insurance provides cover for human and human related things. General Insurance Company Nepal Limited only issues Non-Life Insurance.

  • What is Non-Life Insurance?

    Non-Life or General Insurance provides cover for all the rest (automobiles, showrooms, house, industry, warehouse etc.) apart from that covers in Life Insurance. However, Personal Accidents, Personal Medical, Third Party Liability, Production Liability, Travel Trip are also covered in Non-Life Insurance. The nature of Non-Life insurance cover is normally short term, such as one year.

  • What does underwriting Mean?

    Underwriting is the function of evaluating the subject of insurance, whether a person, property, profession, business, or other entity, and determining whether to insure it. The underwriter must apply company standards to each applicant and, based on these standards, ascertain whether the application represents an acceptable risk. Underwriting is the foundation of the insurance transaction process.

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Ram Prasad Poudel

Sr. Manager / Company Secretary

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Why GIC Nepal?

This Company has been promoted by Commercial Banks, Development Banks, Finance Company’s, Industrial Sector, Business Entrepreneur and well reputed Independents of the Nation

To the Investor:

  • High Growth rate than previous year

  • Better departmental control & Risk management

  • Satisfactory Reserve & Adequate Reinsurance coverage

To the Insurer:

  • Sound financial status

  • Experienced Management Team

  • Prompt settlement of claims

  • Well Re-Insurance Management

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